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Hello any body here ;D
Monday, 21 November 2011 | 11:47 | 0 ♥ Sweet Talking
A very good morning to my stalkers ;D
Jam menunjukkan pada pukul 3.34 am ohmaigosshh what happen ? I can't sleep baby whoaahoaa 
Hehew I wanna introduce you all ni blog ketiga *mybe* 
Okaay if korang nak search another two blogs are heree :) Do follow and leave your footprint at the
tagboard okay ? You all nice with me , I'll be more nice with youu sweet stalker xD
You all click there Dania Fiqry's Dream and the first simple one which I don't use
blogskin hell yeahh many memories here :)
Okaay then , if you wanna search my faceboor you can click at the board field okaay my dear sweetie ? heheheheww okaay at 8.30 till 12 am I watched a match which my HARIMAU MALAYA team
fight with GARUDA (INDONEsial) opss hehew truely yeah ? 
Ohsemm giloo seri 1-1 s then lastly they did penalty goal .
Veryy ohsemm if you guys watched them , my hands very cold that time and I was admired with the 
goalkeeper khairul Fahmi Che Mat Ohmaigossh he's handsome and chinese look .
He's very smart and skilled to catch the ball from entered the goal , btw
I also like to see Baddrol Bakhtiar as a captain in the team : ) He is such a good skilled man too !
Both of them are very ohsemm  ! That's all and this is the GOAL KEEPER

 Ohsem right ? i know it ! Kbyeee--'

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